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ac painter - multimedian artist


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blacklist sites which violates human rights..



violates human rights!    - site where do not respect human rights! Uncultured members (some ) - you do not have the right to defend - you do not have right for other opinion - for on your  conception of beauty , and can not wait for you as a guest! http://photomediaworld.com%20%20%20/                                                                                                                                                                                        Several members attack you and when you give back , they then call the help moderator (cowards )!
Unfortunately, the moderator stops on their side not checking who started and who is real to blame . Spectral place ( you kan not know where thay from,who is organizer, hiding them as snake feet)!!

krše ljudska prava u smislu da ne priznaju drugačije razmišljanje , nedemokratični!