Dario R.Orioli

ac painter - multimedian artist

Art's  / books, paintings, music, photos, videos,jewlerly, press and ? Likovna radionica DrOrioli…..prijave na mob 091 5799 485, možda se opet pokrenem (?) 

    First I like present All Books from Dario R. Orioli       

 Second...Presentation of my Projekt's  ( in live ) http://www.metacafe.com/watch/11772064/drorioli-presentation/

Third.... I like present you my  guest, very scharming, beautiful  fashion designer   Dominika777           

         Croatian Drummers Competition 30.1. - 6.2.2011 / Hard Place , Zagreb, Croatia, EU 

 OFFICIAL RESULTS first place - Jan Ivelic ( Split )  second place - Dario R. Orioli ( Zagreb ),  Duvnjak Marko,  Kovačić Luka,  Kranjc Dušan, Lepoglavac Dejan

 if you don't see videos you must download FLASH , or send me some money ( abouth ten thousant US $ ) for your and my luck, thanks!!





 more Drumms solo on Dr Orioli Master of first Century




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